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Welcome to the $49 Handyman

Chris Schonenbach, is the $49 Handyman. Chris has worked in construction for over 20 years, and is licensed and insured. 

The “49” in stands for $49/hour*.  Most others are charging anywhere between $65 and $90/hr and often their quality of work is not even as detail oriented as the $49 Handyman.

The $49 Handyman is for the middle class families and households that would like to finish their basement, or put on a new deck, but don't want to spend a fortune doing it.

Chris specializes in basement refinishing, but will do everything from the small light bulb change to gutter cleaning.  The light bulb thing may sound funny, but just imagine a high vaulted ceiling and getting up there to change the recessed bulb.  

The $49 Handyman works just about everywhere from the Quad Cities to Sterling. Visit the Photo Gallery, then call 815.980.0196 today to schedule a visit and start your project.

*hourly rate is $49/hour with a $35 service charge.  There is a one hour minimum and after that the time is by the 1/2 hour.



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    Rock Island IL
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    Quad Cities
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